Our Special Blessing


  Our Special Blessing

by Kim Leupp

Our middle son, Randy, was born with Down Syndrome in 1992.  It's hard for me to believe that it has almost been 20 years ago! 

Words cannot adequately express the joy and love Randy has brought to our home, friends and extended family members.  Randy loves people and loves school!  He is currently enrolled at Hidden Treasure Christian School, a school for children with special needs.  There he receives a quality education and is taught that God has special things for everyone to do. 

When we first had Randy, my mind was flooded with thoughts of the many responsibilities before us caring for a special needs child - physically, mentally and socially.  What I did not realize was how much God would teach me through Randy - love, patience, kindness, loyalty . . .   We have truly been blessed!  God is Good!


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