Frequently Asked Questions and How-To's

How do I add a Resource?

Follow these steps to add a Resource:

  1. Click on the Submit a Resource button on the home page or at the bottom left of any page.
  2. Complete the short online form and click Submit.
  3. After you submit your resource, it will be sent to our team to review. Once it is approved, it will appear on the website and you will be notified via email.

How do I comment about a Resource?

  1. To comment about a Resource, use the comment box at the bottom of the Resource page.
  2. Log-in via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, OpenID, or create a new user ID to display your name or avatar. (You may also comment as a guest if you wish).

Your comments will appear on the site immediately.

How long will my Resource stay on the site?

Most resources will appear on the site indefinitely unless they become inactive or are flagged as inappropriate.

How many resources are posted for each Resource category?

There is no maximum or minimum requirement for Resource categories. Resource category links are displayed by state and the number of resources are displayed in parentheses to the right of the link.

How do I report a problem with a Resource posting?

To report a problem with a Resource posting, please contact our team using the Support and Feedback form.

How do I suggest a new Resource category?

To suggest a new Resource category, please contact our team using the  Support and Feedback form.


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