Gems and Jewels

Gems and Jewels


Gems and jewels are precious.

They are often on display,

and folks proudly wear them

to brighten up their day.


Gems and jewels have value.

They sparkle as a light.

For protection they are guarded;

often hidden out of sight.


Gems and jewels remind us

of many people who 

also need protection.

Thy find things hard to do.


Like all such precious stones,

they need some special care...

disabled children and adults,

with burdens they must bear.


They may seem to be "different"

like diamonds with a scar,

but they should be accepted

exactly as they are.


Let's not keep them hidden

in darkened secrecy.

These precious gems and jewels - 

all the world should see.


by: Edna Massinilla

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