Flight of the Mind


Flight of the Mind...An Artist's Journey through Paralysis

          by Anne Thomas - Leslee Johnson

Link To Marcus Web Site http://www.marcusthomasartist.com

With just his imagination and a paintbrush, Marcus Thomas creates art that inspires viewers with vision of flight and a world filled with fragile beauty and forceful meaning.  Through realistic depictions of wildlife juxtaposed with objects borrowed from everyday life, he evokes both concern and love for his subjects - from songbirds to raptors to the deep blue sea - and honors the natural world with images that are both poetic and prophetic.  Currently, the artist and Anne Thomas, his wife and partner of 29 years, are compiling images and working with a writer on a coffee table book to be published by Snowy River Limited.  The book's working title is Flight of the Mind...An Artist's Journey through Paralysis.

 In March of 1986, at the age of 26, Marcus suffered a skiing accident that broke his neck and left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.  Before the accident, Marcus planned to exercise his love of the natural world and his athletic talents with a full time job in the tourism and outdoor recreation industry.  When the accident left him with only his imagination, his mind, the muscles of his head and neck, and the loving and creative support of Anne and his family, Marcus turned unexpectedly to art and began to realize his calling as an artist and champion of the natural world. 

On Christmas day, 1986, after only 6 months of recuperation, Anne and his sister Amanda presented Marcus with a Crayola Watercolor Set.  He created his first work - a Christmas scene.  Since that time, Marcus Thomas has lived an artist's life.  And as an artist, he transcends the limitations of his body, pushing beyond the boundaries of what is possible, perfecting difficult techniques, crafting profound and subtle images, and capturing elusive moments in color and light, from a hummingbird's wing beat to the ocean's heartbeat. 

Marcus Thomas' life and art are a testament to the resilient strength of the human spirit and the spirit of the natural world.  His life story and life's work, available for the first time in a comprehensive chronicle, embody a message for not only fellow artists and lovers of art, but for all who suffer a disability, for all caregivers, and for anyone struggling to make sense of a world that is both heart-breaking and lovely.  Given an image of the beauty, force an vulnerability of the earth we share by a soul that has endured and triumphed over tragedy, we recognize the sacred conversations we all participate in, regardless of our circumstances, between life, world and self. Click here to visit Marcus's art.

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