A Special Parent's Wish List

A Special Needs Parent's Wish List

So you'd like to give me a gift? That's nice.  But the things I really need don't wrap so well.  Put away that paper, keep your card, and just give me one of these.  All I really want is:

Babysitting - a few nights out this year will do me a lot more good than another sweater or DVD

House Cleaning - Oh, yeah.  Come clean my house.  Anytime.  Do you do windows?

Homework Help - Teach my kid math.  Help her write a paper.  Drill him with flashcards.  Give me a break.

Sounding Board - Therapy?  Expensive.  Someone like you, who I can call and gripe to for hours?  Priceless.

Back-Up - Come to IEP meetings and doctor's appointments with me.  Bring tissues.  And maybe a baseball bat.

Child's Play - My child wants to play with me, needs to play with me, all the darn time.  You take a few shifts, okay?

Sleep - Offer to take my kids to school one morning.  Also wake them up, and get them dressed and fed.  I'm sleeping in.

by Terri Mauro  specialchildren.about.com

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